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This unit is responsible for the organization, supervision and control of the administrative, academic and legal processes carried out at the university, in order to meet the institutional objectives and ensure quality in the education of students, as well as effectiveness and efficiency in the administrative and academic management of the institution.This is why, the General Secretariat of the University of La Guajira is a fundamental pillar in decision-making and in the implementation of policies and programs that contribute to the development and consolidation of the Alma Mater as an institution of high quality higher education.

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Information management

Information management


The work team of the General Secretariat of the University of La Guajira is composed of highly trained professionals committed to administrative and academic excellence. Our team is dedicated to the organization and supervision of key processes in the institution, ensuring efficient and effective management. We work in close collaboration with managers, teachers, administrative staff and students to ensure the fulfillment of institutional objectives and quality in educational training. Our work contributes to the development and consolidation of the university as a benchmark of high-level higher education in the region and the country.

General secretariat work team
Tatiana Martinez Secretaria General

Tatiana Martínez Gómez

General Secretary

Berónica Mestre Daza Secretaria de la Dependencia

Berónica Mestre Daza

Secretary of the unit

María Fernanda Molina KrichilskyApoyo administrativo

María Fernanda Molina Krichilsky

Administrative support

Dustin Mario Mejía Vence Auxilar administrativo

Dustin Mario Mejía Vence

Administrative Assistant

Citizen Service Unit
Celina Obregón Rodríguez Coordinadora de atención al ciudadano

Celina Obregón Rodríguez

Citizen Service Coordinator

Yesid Alonso Torres Moreu Auxiliar administrativo

Yesid Alonso Torres Moreu

Administrative Assistant

Dogma Celedon Martínez Auxiliar administrativo

Dogma Celedon Martínez

Administrative support

Document management unit
Melbys Leonor García Gutiérrez Coordinadora de Gestión Documental

Melbys Leonor García Gutiérrez

Document Management Coordinator

Mely Lindon Pedraza Fernández Auxiliar administrativo

Mely Lindon Pedraza Fernández

Administrative Assistant

Tala Jiménez Castro Apoyo administrativo

Tala Jiménez Castro

Administrative support

Mirian Jesús Salas Ladeuda Apoyo administrativo

Mirian Jesús Salas Ladeuda

Administrative support

Jesús David Pájaro López Apoyo administrativo

Jesús David Pájaro López

Administrative support

Dominga Pinedo Vanegas Profesional Universitario

Dominga Pinedo Vanegas

University professional

Jeidis Martínez Galvis Apoyo administrativo

Jeidis Martínez Galvis

Administrative support

Justo Castañeda P Mensajero externo

Justo Castañeda P

External messenger

Wilmer Redondo M Mensajero externo

Wilmer Redondo M

External messenger

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