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169 Credits

10 Semesters

Registration 2.50 UVT

Tuition 50 UVT


Systems engineers at the University of Guajira are key agents in the technological revolution that is leading us to a digital society (use of NICT). Our systems engineers, more than innovators or technology drivers, are innovators and developers of information systems and agents of change in organizations through the use of technology; the new developments of computer solutions use networks as if they were a large computer, the current software is distributed and resident in a network.

Our program stands out for its academic excellence, since it has a high quality accreditation granted by Resolution 014528 of July 28, 2022, which highlights the excellence in the training of systems engineers.

Students are trained to generate business, are trained to create telematic solutions in accordance with the needs of the country and interact permanently with the business environment, making use of state-of-the-art technology tools. The basic training of the systems engineer focuses on the knowledge of the functional areas of an organization, on the principles and methods of engineering and on the use of technology for the development of computer solutions, focusing on the administration and processing of information in organizations.

Study plan

Este iframe muestra el plan de estudio del programa de ingeniería de sistemas de la Universidad de La Guajira. Puedes acceder al contenido del plan de estudio utilizando el enlace proporcionado.

Study plan of the systems engineering program at the University of La Guajira.


Applicant Profile

If you have a passion for innovation, creativity, dynamism and teamwork, and you are motivated to face challenges and study a career that contributes to the scientific and technological development of the region and the country, you are an ideal candidate for this career!

Graduate profile

The Systems Engineering graduate of the Universidad de La Guajira is qualified to lead and manage technology projects, research and innovation in the rational management of information, selecting the appropriate technologies. In addition, they have the skills to evaluate, manage and negotiate information technology solutions and provide advice and consultancy in the area of systems and information technology; they can also lead computer projects in organizations and conduct research to strengthen cultural, scientific and technological development for the benefit of society.

Adanud Segundo Meza Valle Director Programa de Ingeniería de Sistemas

Adanud Segundo Meza Valle

Director of the Systems Engineering Program

Team of teachers
Imagen: Muñeco animado que representa a un profesor de la Universidad de La Guajira, sosteniendo un libro y junto a un tablero verde. Su atuendo refleja los colores distintivos de la institución, encarnando la dedicación académica y la enseñanza comprometida.

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Qualified registration in force Resolution No. 02872 of February 21, 2018.

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Resolution of accreditation Resolution No. 014528, July 28, 2022.

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The Universidad de La Guajira offers a systems engineering program with a practical approach and comprehensive training to design and manage computer and information technology systems. Its faculty trained in the business sector and updated in technological trends, along with its accreditation, demonstrate the program's commitment to academic quality.


Block 1 - second floor
University of La Guajira
Riohacha Headquarters
Km 3 + 354 Via Maicao

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