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The Faculty of Social and Human Sciences at the University of La Guajira addresses the country's current challenges and promotes the integral development of citizenship through a research approach and the proposal of actions to intervene and respond to social problems. In addition, this faculty values the ethnic and cultural diversity of La Guajira and participates in academic circles that contribute to social construction and reconstruction.

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Mission and Vision
mision facultada de ciencias economicas y administratita


To train, from a humanistic sense, professionals with scientific capabilities to appropriately address the socio-cultural reality of our communities.

vision de la facultad de ciencias administrativas


The School of Social and Human Sciences will be a space for the analysis and permanent discussion of the social and cultural problems of the reality of our communities, at the local, regional and national levels, from the perspective that we are all protagonists and responsible for social transformation.


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Milvia José Zuleta Pérez Decana De La Facultad De Ciencias Sociales Y Humanas

Milvia José Zuleta Pérez

Dean of the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences

Linda Tivisay De La Hoz Secretaria académica de la Facultad de Ciencias Sociales y Humanas

Linda Tivisay De La Hoz

Academic Secretary

Divina Estrella Martínez Hurtado Directora Programa de Trabajo Social

Divina Estrella Martínez Hurtado

Director of the Social Work program

Zaadry Vanessa Robles Julio Directora Programa de Psicología

Zaadry Vanesa Robles Julio

Psychology Program Director

Juan Carlos Rocha Camargo Director Programa de Derecho

Juan Carlos Rocha Camargo

Director of the Law Program

Anyela A. PinedoFrías Apoyo a los Procesos Administrativos.Profesional en Negocios Finanzas InternacionalesMagíster en Dirección de Negocios.

Anyela A. Pinedo Frías

Support to administrative processes

Retrato sin fotos de funcionarios de la Universidad de La Guajira

Ariadne Manotas López

Support to administrative processes

Keilin M. VilleroCuadradoApoyo a los Procesos Administrativos.Trabajadora social.

Keilin M. Villero Cuadrado

Support to administrative processes

Alix Meza AmayaApoyo a los procesos administrativos en laFacultad de Ciencias Sociales y humanas.Trabajadora Social

Alix Meza Amaya

Support for administrative processes in the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences.

Retrato sin fotos de funcionarios de la Universidad de La Guajira

Clara F. Fontalvo Monroy

Administrative support in the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences

Ivonne Toro MauriApoyo a los Procesos Administrativos.–Administradora de empresasEspecialista en Gestión Tributaria EmpresarialMagíster en Gestión Educativa.

Ivonne Toro Mauri

Support to administrative processes

Joaquin E. Brito Gómez Auxiliar Administrativo.Administrador de Empresas

Joaquín E. Brito Gómez

Administrative Assistant

Alberto Celedon MolinaresProfesional Especializado.SociólogoDoctor en Ciencias Sociales

Alberto Celedón Molinares

Specialized professional

Research groups
Grupos de Investigación

The University of La Guajira has several research groups committed to the generation of knowledge and the development of the region. These groups stand out for their interdisciplinary work and their focus on key areas for academic and socioeconomic growth.


The agreements of the University of La Guajira are agreements with national and international institutions to promote academic cooperation, research and student mobility, strengthening the educational offerings and providing growth opportunities for students and teachers.

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Social Work

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Social Communication

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