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156 Credits

10 Semesters

Registration 2.50 UVT

Tuition 50 UVT


The Economics program at the University of La Guajira has an academic tradition since 2016. The curriculum is designed so that students receive training in economic theory complemented with other disciplines that are necessary for the successful exercise of the professional in Economics, which allows the understanding of the globalized context, where the interdependence between economic, political, social and cultural dynamics is evident.

In its approach and curricular design, it has characteristics that give it particularity in terms of denomination, title, profile and occupation, since the program is offered at the Riohacha headquarters, which was elevated to the category of Special, Tourist and Cultural District. This merits that the higher education offered in the capital of La Guajira be in accordance with the prospective vision of a developing territory.

Within the specific field of training there are, among others, subjects such as: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Econometrics, Fiscal and Commercial Policy, Monetary Policy, Public Economics, International Economics, Economic Development and Project Formulation and Evaluation; which will prepare the student to work in the public and/or private sector at the local, regional, national or international level.

Study plan

Este iframe muestra el plan de estudio del programa de economía de la Universidad de La Guajira. Puedes acceder al contenido del plan de estudio utilizando el enlace proporcionado.

Plan of study of the economics program at the University of La Guajira.


Applicant Profile

Applicants to the Economics Program must have a bachelor's degree with motivation for economic sciences, with interest in mathematics, humanities and history, with leadership potential and aptitude for teamwork; with the aspiration to develop critical thinking and numerical reasoning skills, sense of belonging and desire to be a transforming agent of the local, regional or national socioeconomic reality.

Graduate profile

Graduates will be qualified, ethical, humanistic, enterprising and investigative professionals. They will have the knowledge, skills and abilities to perform efficiently in the private or public sector. The Economist graduated from the Economics program of the University of La Guajira, will be able to:

Apply the different theories of the discipline in order to efficiently plan, formulate and evaluate the productive, distributive and consumption process of the region and the country.

Characterize the economic and social problems at the local, departmental and national levels and provide pertinent academic explanations, in order to suggest plans that lead to their solution.

Formulate and evaluate economic and social development projects for both the public sector and private enterprise.

Evaluate the microeconomic and macroeconomic impacts generated by variations in socio-economic conditions and/or internal or external policies of the companies (public-private).

To develop the capacity of analysis and discernment in the aspects related to the international field that allows to suggest and participate in the elaboration of adequate strategies to solve the problems that arise from international relations.

Apply knowledge and skills in the formulation and evaluation of projects and diagnose the financial situation in the short and long term at the level of public and private management.

Occupational profile
Imagen: Tres personajes animados de la Universidad de La Guajira, dos hombres y una mujer, colaboran frente a un portátil. Sus ropas reflejan los colores distintivos de la institución, creando un ambiente de trabajo y aprendizaje en equipo vibrante y comprometido.

The economist graduated from the program will be able to perform in a multiplicity of activities according to the competencies and learning acquired in the training process, as well as in accordance with the provisions of Law 30 of 1990 governing the practice of the profession. In this sense, he/she will be able to render his/her services in the areas of design, evaluation and execution of research and/or public or private investment projects, as well as to occupy a diversity of positions such as those mentioned here and those related and/or akin to them:

Director and executor of investment projects of public and private companies.

Analyst of the economic environment and statistical information in public and private companies.

Manager of decentralized institutes belonging to the Ministries of Economic Development, Foreign Trade, Labor and Social Security and other related institutes.

Advisor on monetary matters, unions and other sectors of national and foreign production. Director of national, departmental and municipal Treasury.

Head of planning at national, departmental, municipal and corporate levels.

Director and/or head of budget at national, departmental, municipal and corporate levels.

Financial director of public and private companies.

Business advisor and consultant in economic and financial matters.

Teacher and researcher in universities, research centers and departments.

Mission and Vision
mision facultada de ciencias economicas y administratita


The academic program of economics at the University of La Guajira will train professionals in the scientific, technological and humanistic fields, trained to promote the socioeconomic development of the country, the region and the department of La Guajira and to be able to compete at the international level.

vision de la facultad de ciencias administrativas


The economics program will be recognized for its leadership in national, regional and local economic research, will guide teaching, social projection and international cooperation in a process of continuous improvement, which guarantees the formation of a competitive and humane economist in the context of quality and globalization.

Katherin Pérez Mendoza Directora Programa de Economía

Katherin Pérez Mendoza

Economics Program Director
Team of teachers
Imagen: Muñeco animado que representa a un profesor de la Universidad de La Guajira, sosteniendo un libro y junto a un tablero verde. Su atuendo refleja los colores distintivos de la institución, encarnando la dedicación académica y la enseñanza comprometida.

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Initial Qualified Registration Resolution 05860 of May 4, 2015.

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Qualified registration in force Resolution No. 024182 of December 23, 2021.

Este iframe muestra el brochure del programa de economía de la Universidad de La Guajira. Puedes acceder al contenido del brochure utilizando el enlace proporcionado.

The economics program aims at the development of grouped skills so that you will understand the environment in a critical and proactive way, towards the determination of problems related to economic science, in order to present proposals for continuous improvement for local and national development.


Block 5 - second floor
University of La Guajira
Riohacha Headquarters
Km 3 + 354 Via Maicao

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