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The School of Educational Sciences is dedicated to train professionals committed to the development and strengthening of education in our region. We offer a comprehensive education that combines theory and practice, with a faculty highly trained in various areas.

Our academic programs adapt to the challenges of the educational field and encourage research to generate knowledge. We value participation in extracurricular activities and community projects. We promote inclusion and respect, fostering a collaborative learning environment among our students.

5 jóvenes caminando en las instalaciones de la Universidad de La Guajira, una de ellas tiene un traje representativo de la cultura Wayuú y otra Arhuaca.
Mission and Vision
mision facultada de ciencias economicas y administratita


To provide the human talent that forms for the exercise of teaching, guiding the transformation of the society of La Guajira towards anthropological and ethnic attitudes that allow it to face the local and regional educational problems with investigative and cultural approaches that dynamize the daily educational evolution and the search for truth. 

vision de la facultad de ciencias administrativas


It hopes to be seen in each important milestone (space) of the educational history of the department of La Guajira as a collective entity of pedagogical intellectuals who, from their work and as an increase of the pedagogical and didactic activity, can objectively balance and impact, with their work, the course of the socio-cultural life of the department.


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Katia Peña Benjumea Decana de la Facultad de Ciencias de la Educación

Katia Peña Benjume


Ricardo Leonelo López Hernández Secretario académico de la Facultad de Ciencias de la Educación

Ricardo López Hernández

Academic Secretary

Yainer Villa Pertuz Directora del Programa de Licenciatura en Educación Física, Recreación y Deportes

Yainer Villa Pertuz

Director of the Physical Education, Recreation and Sports Program

Luz Edith Córdoba Ramírez Directora del Programa de Licenciatura en Etnoeducación e Interculturalidad

Luz Edith Córdoba Ramírez

Director of the Ethno-education and Interculturalism program

Angélica María Bermúdez Quintero Directora del programa de Licenciatura en Música. Doctorante en Educación

Angélica María Bermúdez Quintero

Director of the Bachelor of Music program

Mairys Ayola Martínez Directora del Programa de Licenciatura en Educación Infantil

Mairis Ayola Mendoza

Director of the Early Childhood Education Program

Retrato sin fotos de funcionarios de la Universidad de La Guajira

Yamilka Ochoa Romeo

Director of the Distance Ethno-education Degree Program

Leyi Nany Barros RivadeneiraApoyo a los procesos administrativos.Lic. En Etnoeducación.

Leyi Nany Barros Rivadeneira

Support to administrative processes

Retrato sin fotos de funcionarios de la Universidad de La Guajira

Eucadis Sierra Meza

Support to administrative processes

Teolinda IbarraIguaran Apoyo a los procesos administrativos.Magister en estudioPolítico- Económicos.

Teolinda Ibarra Iguaran

Support to administrative processes

Laura Estela Brito CatañoApoyo a los procesos Administrativos.Especialista en Finanzas.

Laura Estela Brito Cataño

Support to administrative processes

Yessika PaolaAhumada CastroApoyo a los procesos Administrativas.Licenciada en Pedagogía Infantil.

Yessika Paola Ahumada Castro

Support to administrative processes

Retrato sin fotos de funcionarios de la Universidad de La Guajira

Raquel Magdaniel Palacio

Support to administrative processes

Research groups
Grupos de Investigación

The University of La Guajira has several research groups committed to the generation of knowledge and the development of the region. These groups stand out for their interdisciplinary work and their focus on key areas for academic and socioeconomic growth.


The agreements of the University of La Guajira are agreements with national and international institutions to promote academic cooperation, research and student mobility, strengthening the educational offerings and providing growth opportunities for students and teachers.

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Forging Future Educators

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Bachelor of Music

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