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At the University of the Guajira, we offer you a variety of exciting undergraduate programs covering a wide range of knowledge areas. Some of these programs immerse you in the in-depth study of society, culture and the humanities, while others prepare you to shape the minds of tomorrow. You'll also find options that focus on health care and wellness, as well as exploring sustainable agriculture and natural resource management.

In addition, there are opportunities in the corporate and financial world, as well as the chance to be at the forefront of technological innovation. These options give you the opportunity to discover your passion and achieve your goals in a stimulating and collaborative learning environment. Explore our programs and find the perfect undergraduate degree for you!

Faculty of Basic and Applied Sciences

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

Faculty of Social and Human Sciences

Faculty of Education Sciences

School of Engineering

Tres mujeres con vestimenta alusiva a actividades de la salud. Están en un consultorio hablando entre ellas y al frente tienen un computador abierto.

Faculty of Health Sciences

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