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The department of La Guajira, located in the extreme north of the Republic of Colombia, has a Higher Education Institution whose mission is the formation of capabilities with a view to expanding opportunities, through academia, which contributes to the sustainable development of the region where the university bodies have a role of great importance. The constant transformations of the United Nations International System significantly consider organizations, institutions and entities to work based on the contribution of all, to comply with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) proposed for the 2030 agenda.

At the national level, the Congress of the Republic approved Law 720 of 2001 and regulated by the Presidency of the Republic, Decree 4290 of 2005, which aims to promote, recognize and facilitate Volunteer Action as an expression of citizen participation, the exercise of solidarity and social co-responsibility; to regulate the action of volunteers in public or private entities and regulate their relations.

Thus, the University of La Guajira, through the Vice Rector's Office of Research and Extension, through the Directorate of Extension, managed before the Superior Council of the Alma Mater the creation of the “Uniguajira Volunteering”, with the approval through agreement 006 of 2017. That is why the volunteering has the purpose of systematically working the solidarity action of the entire student population, teachers, administrative and graduates, who are willing to contribute to the attention of the different situations of vulnerability of the communities of the department, such as: indigenous, Afro-Colombians, displaced population, children and adolescents, among others.

Agreement on the Creation of Volunteerism

What is a Volunteer?

It is any responsible and freely natural person, without labor remuneration, who offers time, work and talent for the construction of the common good, individually or collectively, in public or private national and international organizations or outside of them.

What is University Volunteering?

It is defined as the participation, through time, work and talents, of students, administrative staff, graduates and teachers of the different faculties and departments in activities or projects of general interest, freely, without labor remuneration, framed in the concept of university social responsibility derived from own programs, alliances or cooperation agreements, to generate or strengthen capacities in vulnerable communities, in favor of social welfare.

Who can volunteer?

Students, teachers, administrative staff, graduates and allied individuals or institutions and the community in general.


Fill out the registration form and complete the interview.

To have the willingness to be a volunteer.

Have time available to participate in the different volunteer activities.

Lines of work


Within the field of education, volunteering aims to emphasize four important aspects such as: i. Literacy and awareness, ii. Literacy and awareness, ii. Entrepreneurship and training, iii. Artistic and cultural environment and, iv. Life project.

Technical and Institutional Assistance

We seek to cover aspects that in our department are major scourges that hinder development, such as the promotion of health, nutrition, habitat and housing, productive development, justice, reparation and rights approach. The main strategies include interdisciplinary work by the members of the volunteer corps, implementation and execution of projects according to problems and needs, as well as the creation of support links with entities and individuals who are working in this line of action.

Attention, Promotion and Prevention of Disasters

Volunteering in these aspects focuses on humanitarian aid and the aid bank. The purpose of this is to increase solidarity actions and prevention of problems related to the aforementioned aspects. In addition, we seek to increase social sensitivity, cooperativism, strengthening contingency plans and education.
No obstante; también se aspira lograr convenios o ayudas nacionales e internacionales para mayor impacto y calidad.


To ensure that institutional research continues to be strengthened through volunteering, allowing any volunteer member to have the opportunity to present a research project.


General Objective

To train young people with social responsibility and leadership, promoting a sense of belonging and integrating the knowledge generated in the classroom with the most urgent problems of our communities, where young people are committed to lead processes of social impact and transformation at the local, regional and national levels.

Specific Objectives

Promote sensitivity and social responsibility in students, teachers, administrative staff and graduates of the University of La Guajira, through solidarity and cooperation with the community.

Promote entrepreneurship and social development in students, teachers, administrative and graduates of the University of La Guajira, for the contribution and development of the department in all areas for its social growth.

Articulate with the public and private sectors through strategic alliances that allow to meet the indispensable or priority social demands that arise in the actions of the university's projection.

Our Mission

To form the university community with a high sense of belonging, social responsibility and leadership capacity, through social action and community work that contributes to the improvement of the quality of life of the communities of the District and the region, through a free and supportive exercise.

Our Vision

By 2030, volunteering should be positioned as a gateway to the social responsibility of the University of La Guajira; also contribute to the improvement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), thus being a reference for other volunteer organizations in the department.

Our values

Empathy Commitment Honesty Equity Generosity Leadership Respect Responsibility.

Experiences of Volunteers

Experience of the first international volunteer at Uniguajira

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Significant Activities in 2023

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We are glad you are interested in volunteering!

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