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The Faculty of Social and Human Sciences at the University of La Guajira addresses the country's current challenges and promotes the integral development of citizenship through a research approach and the proposal of actions to intervene and respond to social problems. In addition, this faculty values the ethnic and cultural diversity of La Guajira and participates in academic circles that contribute to social construction and reconstruction.

Mission and Vision
mision facultada de ciencias economicas y administratita


To train, from a humanistic sense, professionals with scientific capabilities to appropriately address the socio-cultural reality of our communities.

vision de la facultad de ciencias administrativas


The School of Social and Human Sciences will be a space for the analysis and permanent discussion of the social and cultural problems of the reality of our communities, at the local, regional and national levels, from the perspective that we are all protagonists and responsible for social transformation.

Research groups
Grupos de Investigación

The University of La Guajira has several research groups committed to the generation of knowledge and the development of the region. These groups stand out for their interdisciplinary work and their focus on key areas for academic and socioeconomic growth.

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The agreements of the University of La Guajira are agreements with national and international institutions to promote academic cooperation, research and student mobility, strengthening the educational offerings and providing growth opportunities for students and teachers.

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Social Work

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