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The University of La Guajira is an autonomous university entity of state character, of cultural public service, open, participatory, pluralistic and humanist, of departmental order created on November 12, 1976 by Decree 523 of the Governor's Office in compliance with Ordinances 011 and 022 of 1975.

It was recognized as a university by Resolution No. 1770 of June 24, 1995 of the Ministry of National Education with its main domicile in the city of Riohacha in the department of La Guajira-Republic of Colombia, and its radius of action may be extended to the national territory, through the creation of branches, extensions, sub-branches and social projection centers.

Uniguajira enjoys academic, administrative, financial and budgetary autonomy, legal personality and its own independent patrimony. Likewise, it can be extended to the international level in the academic programs that the institution leads.

Imagen: Dos fotografías superpuestas de la Universidad de La Guajira como fondo. En la primera foto, al frente, hay cuatro estudiantes, incluyendo a un hombre, todos ubicados frente a la universidad. La segunda foto muestra la misma vista, pero sin los estudiantes, destacando el paisaje de la universidad.
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