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National Association of Students of Industrial, Administrative and Production Engineering

We are a group of young engineers, leaders and entrepreneurs from all over Colombia, committed not only to our holistic training, but also to national development and integration, which is why in response to the institutional renewal of 2013 (with broad coverage agreements, an even more robust work structure and a re-launch of our image) we want to tell the country and the world that "We are part of the answer" and that "The Answer is Colombia".

ANEIAP is an autonomous, non-profit organization created to create, promote and support activities and experiences that promote the integral development of its members (future professionals in Industrial Engineering, Management, Production and related fields) in the cities where it has offices: Bogota, Riohacha, Santa Marta, Barranquilla, Valledupar, Sincelejo, Medellin, Cali, Manizales and Pereira. Translated with (free version)

Our Mission

The association of teachers of the University of La Guajira is a non-profit organization and represents all those who work as teachers within the institution, has as its main principle the constitution to defend the rights, improve the quality of life of its members and strive to create effective forms of communication, cooperation, training and integration to strengthen teaching, research and social outreach at the University of La Guajira.

Our Vision

To be the leader in the strengthening of human talent, education and labor rights of university teachers in order to contribute to the integral quality of life of Colombians, through research, the use of new technologies, management and the construction of a new country through cooperation and research of being in all its dimensions.


The purpose of this agreement is the inter-institutional cooperation to seek integration in the offerings of Specializations, Master's Degrees, Doctorates and Post Doctorates, articulate institutional responses in its affiliates and the community in general.

Serve as a channel for the acquisition of goods and services to facilitate payroll deductions to members, provide advisory services, consulting and training to the entire community in general, organize service packages in areas of science and technology, propose lines of research and develop research to help meet the needs of knowledge development environment seminars, diploma courses and others, ensure the welfare and social security, cultural and border, conduct academic events, such as: Forums, seminars, diploma courses and others, ensure the welfare and social security of members, maintain effective and assertive communication with the directives of the University of La Guajira.

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