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Colombian Association of University Students

ACEU, Colombian Association of University Students, is a trade organization of Colombian University Students, which is characterized by being democratic, pluralistic, humanist and academic, non-profit and common identity, working for its members and the entire community. It is open to all university students who wish and voluntarily accept its principles, objectives and platform.

Our Mission

ACEU recognizes that as a student union our fundamental task lies in the transformation of Colombian society, taking sides for a dignified life and a free nation, twinned with the peoples of Our America that from the vision of Marti, is defined under the criteria of unity, identity and a critical University, that is creative and independent, and advocating for transformation, that considers culture as a fundamental part of its development and that builds daily from ethics, science and aesthetics, its particular system of values, its principles and priorities, and is capable of self-governance, self-legislation and self-determination collectively; that bases its work on the implementation of a profound democratization within it, the strengthening of autonomy as an essential bulwark, where the allocation of state budgets is adequate to fulfill its social function, and the recognition that the University space cannot be a field of military confrontation as an exercise of politics, but the field that allows to build a country from ideas, reason and argumentative debate; A University that takes sides for the full validity of human rights and to reverse the perverse logic of the neoliberal model that has declared war on the poor, leaving poverty intact.

Our Vision

The ACEU aims to be the student organization that leads the processes of defense of the collective interests of the students of the UNIVERSITY OF LA GUAJIRA, with a perspective in the unity and political independence that overwhelms our department every day, also, we intend that as a student organization we are heard and we can take position free s departmental problems, this implies the development of joint work plans that seek the solution, construction and development of the department.

Members and Contacts

Luis Rangel Mendoza

Secretary generates
Phone: 3016750163

Ivan Curvelo

Financial Secretary
Phone: 3012842744

Jesus Arias Jaraba

Secretary of Education
Phone: 3043783105

Carolina Ardila

Secretary of Human Rights
Phone: 3005743778

Jose Rangel Mendoza

Communication Secretary
Phone: 3135951636

It is any responsible natural person who freely, without labor remuneration, offers time, work and talent for the construction of the common good, individually or collectively, in public or private national and international organizations or outside of them.

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