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In this section, we provide you with an overview of the organizational structure of the University of La Guajira. Here, you will find a detailed list of our academic and administrative units, each one identified with its respective name and contact email. This information will help you understand how our university is organized and will allow you to easily communicate with the relevant areas if you need additional information or have specific questions about our institution.

Vice Rector's Office

Academic Vice-Rectory

Faculty Development

Student Development

High Level Continuing Education Institution

Office of Admissions, Registration and Academic Control

SILAB Integrated Laboratory System

Language Center




Faculty of Social and Human Sciences

Faculty of Education Sciences

School of Engineering

Faculty of Basic and Applied Sciences

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

School of Health

Vice Rector's Office for Research and Extension

Research Center


Extension and Social Projection Center

Graduate Center

Center for Entrepreneurship and Business Development

Administrative and Financial Vice Rectory





Human Resources Office

Occupational Health and Safety Office


Physical and Academic Resources

Administrative Management

Administrative units

Planning Advisory Office

Legal Office


Quality Assurance Office

Internal Control Office

International Relations Office

Institutional Image and Protocol Office

University Welfare Office

Regionalization Office


Systems Office

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