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With the Open Data project, the Colombian Government promotes transparency, access to public information, competitiveness, economic development, and the generation of social impact through openness, the reuse of public data, and the use and appropriation of ICTs.

Open Data are those primary or raw data, which are in standard and interoperable formats, which facilitate their access and allow their reuse. They are under the custody of public or private entities that perform public functions, are made available to any citizen, freely and without restrictions, so that third parties can reuse them and create services derived from them (Transparency Law-1712 of 2014, article 6, paragraph j).

The University of La Guajira, The company makes the data available to citizens without any type of limitation or restriction, in order to be used in the creation of services that benefit the community.

Below you will find the set of open data of the University of La Guajira, which can be accessed from the website or from the state's open data portal:

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