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The Graduate Programs Department of the University of La Guajira is your gateway to new opportunities for academic and professional growth. Our wide range of graduate programs will allow you to specialize in your area of interest and acquire cutting-edge knowledge, while having the support of a faculty committed to your success. Immerse yourself in an environment of research and innovation, and prepare yourself to face the challenges of today's world - join us and realize your academic and professional goals!

Our Mission

To train integral professionals who perceive, apprehend, generate, apply and transform knowledge within a framework of cultural diversity through their own activities (teaching, research, social outreach and extension) to meet the needs of sustainable and sustainable development of the Guajira society and its environment, with special emphasis on the self-recognition of multicultural conditions with a view to the development of the integral personality of all its institutional actors and the community in general to achieve intercultural conditions.

Our Vision

By 2030, the University of La Guajira will be the center of regional culture, with local, national and international recognition for the achievement of quality accreditation of its academic and institutional programs; It will train people with integrity, dedicated with vocation and commitment to social service through teaching and research, committed to the generation and ethical application of science to solve the problems of the environment in order to contribute to improving the quality of life of citizens, according to the demands of its proximity to the borders for which it will make agreements and inter-institutional exchanges, close border, international in the face of the demands of globalization.

Value and core principle

The principles are guiding rules for the interpretation and application of these bylaws and prevail over any rule or interpretation that attempts to restrict them.

Paragraph: Postgraduate studies at the University of La Guajira will be oriented and updated according to the value and nuclear principle adopted by the Institutional Educational Project (PEI).

The University of La Guajira, has to contribute to preserve the legacy of HONESTY and ETHICS, for which it considers that its institutional effort will focus on achieving from all its actors and strata an HONEST attitude from which derives its habitual behavior bringing as a consequence that the institution strives to promote the sense of deep and integral value of the human being, so it must promote and instill in all scenarios and activities the following values that derive from being HONEST: honesty, tolerance, equanimity, rigorousness, transparency, austerity, recognition, solidarity, affectivity, teamwork, equity, sense of belonging, respect and loyalty; consequently, HONESTY becomes the guiding and binding principle of the other enunciated values, in order to approach the ideal of achieving the practice of values within daily life, and thus strengthen the image of the University of La Guajira in all social, academic and administrative areas in which it acts.

Academic Calendar

For the I and II periods of the year 2024

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