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The “Requirements for Enrollment, Registration and Degree” at the University of La Guajira are the set of conditions and necessary documentation that students interested in enrolling in academic programs must comply with, register and obtain the corresponding degree. These requirements include aspects such as the presentation of identity documents, academic certificates, proof of payment, among others. The University ensures that students comply with all the requirements established to guarantee a successful enrollment and matriculation process, as well as to ensure that the academic degree is obtained upon completion of the study program. In addition, students are offered support and guidance throughout the process to ensure a satisfactory educational experience in compliance with institutional regulations.

Enrollment requirements:

1. Must have a professional degree.

2. Make your registration online.


1. Print out the registration form specifying the program to be studied (To download the Registration Form, first go to My Campus with the access data that you can consult on the University's web page with your identity document and then go to the option Reports - Admissions - Applicant.

2. Preliminary proposal of research intention for your final project.

3. Resume.

4. Copy of an authenticated copy of an enlarged document.

5. Copy of the authenticated undergraduate diploma.

6. Copy of the authenticated undergraduate degree certificate.

7. Certification of academic completion with cumulative average (if graduated from Uniguajira).

8. Undergraduate transcripts if graduated from another institution of higher education.

9. All in a jute cover folder and a CD with the above mentioned documents scanned in JPG format.

Documents for postgraduate enrollment process

1. Citizenship card.

2. Certificate of academic completion or copy of payment receipt.

3. Resume (attach undergraduate diploma and degree certificate).

4. Delivery of the degree work to the Library.

5. Perform data update Here.

6. Registration of the title of the degree work in the academic system SMA, if it has already been done, you must wait for the admissions and registration office to carry out the respective approval process.

Documents for graduate degree process.

Instructions for academic registration

Este iframe muestra Instrucciones detalladas sobre el proceso de la matrícula académica en la Universidad de La Guajira

Tutorial: How to enroll in the academic registration at the University of La Guajira

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