Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain 4.0

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Diploma with degree option

In this program, we will explore the latest strategies and technologies in logistics and supply chain. You will learn how to optimize processes, manage product flows and data in the digital era. Our team of experts will guide you with practical approaches, giving you the key skills to lead in logistics 4.0.
At the end of the diploma course, you will be prepared to face the challenges of a globalized and digitized supply chain. Join us in the Logistics and Supply Chain 4.0 Diploma at the University of La Guajira and strengthen your skills to lead in the new logistics era with confidence and innovative vision!

Addressed to:
International Business.
Business Administration.
Maritime and Port Administration.
Professionals working in the sector.

Responsible for the diploma:  
Luis Carlos Romero Guerrero.
Paola Andrea Vanegas Pérez.

Diploma information




150 Hours


30 UVT


Not available

Study plan

Module I: Innovation in logistics and supply chain.

Module II: Digital procurement and digital supply chain performance management.

Module III: Service orientation.

Module IV: Inventory management and its digital transformation.

Module V: Editor I.

Module VI: Fundamentals of logistics and supply chain 4.0.

Modulo VII: Internet of things IOT in logistics and blockchain in the supply chain.

Modulo VIII: Drafting II.

Objective of the diploma

General Objective:

To train students and/or participants on the processes that are immersed in logistics management and supply chain framed in industry 4.0, focusing on the areas of supply chain management, artificial intelligence, Iot, e-commerce, challenges of business digitization, which allow the development of practical skills that will facilitate decision-making when integrating it into the process of internationalization of the company.

Specific Objectives:

Training on the generalities related to the supply chain, value chain and the role of the user.

To train in the design and development of technological integration strategies in the logistics processes of organizations.

Provide the tools for the digital transformation of logistics and supply chain.

Identify the processes for inventory management and its digital transformation.

Analyze the acquisition of digital tools for supply chain management.

Identify service-oriented benefits in supply chain management and logistics in Industry 4.0.

Access to the virtual classroom
Muñeco sentado en un escritorio con los colores distintivos de la Universidad de La Guajira.

Welcome to the virtual classroom. Here you will find interactive resources, classmates and teachers, all in a flexible and comfortable space.

 Registration, cancellation and refund

Reserve your place by filling out the pre-enrollment form. You will receive an email eight (8) days before the start of classes with the payment instructions to formalize your enrollment. You should not make any payment before receiving this notification. Find detailed information about our registration process here.

The University of La Guajira reserves the right to cancel or postpone a course for administrative reasons.

Inscripciones abiertas 2023

Comunícate con nosotros: prognegocios@uniguajira.edu.co

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