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he family is the fundamental unit of society and plays an essential role in the growth and development of its members. At the University of La Guajira, we recognize the importance of understanding and supporting the role of the family in the development process, both at the individual and community levels.

We will explore the relationship between family and development in all its dimensions. We will highlight how the University of La Guajira addresses issues related to family dynamics, parenting, health, education and other aspects that influence the integral development of individuals. We will show how our approach promotes the importance of a healthy and supportive family environment, and how this translates into the well-being and progress of society in the region of La Guajira. Through this space, we will share our commitment to understanding and strengthening the family as a key agent in the development of individuals and communities.

Ciudad: Pasto.

Responsible for the diploma: Diana Carolina Flórez Salazar.

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48 Hours




October 13 to
October 28, 2024

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