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The University of La Guajira promotes continuing education and offers Continuing Education programs in various areas of knowledge. These programs seek to develop specific skills, train in general knowledge and train in academic, labor, economic, artistic, social and political aspects. They do not lead to degrees, but comply with Law 30 of 1992 and Law 1064 of 2006, related to education for work and human development. The programs are developed by the faculties and departments of the university, in alliance with public and private organizations, to meet the needs of the community in different aspects. Seminars, forums, congresses and training courses are offered to teachers at different educational levels.

Mission and Vision
mision facultada de ciencias economicas y administratita


Continuing Education is aware of the needs of the environment and offers various non-degree education options through a portfolio of courses and flexible professional programs that update or develop knowledge, skills and competencies based on the University's disciplines, in an understanding of lifelong learning.

vision de la facultad de ciencias administrativas


To be a unit positioned and recognized nationally and in Latin America for the quality and differentiation of its non-formal education programs, based on a strategy of permanent innovation, articulating the needs of society with the areas of knowledge of the University, in a demanding and globalized world.

Neily Yaneth Curiel Correa Coordinadora de Cursos de Educación Continuada

Neily Curiel Correa


Digna Rosa Lubo Zambrano Apoyo a los Procesos Administrativos, Tecnológicos y Académicos

Digna Rosa Lubo Zambrano

Support Engineer

Robert Damián Quintero Laverde Administrador de plataformas virtuales de la Dirección de Posgrados

Robert Damian Quintero Laverde

Support Engineer

Jessica Paola Betham Aldana Apoyo a los Procesos Administrativos

Jessica Paola Betham Aldana

Support to Administrative Processes

Our University of La Guajira offers you a wide range of options to continue learning and growing through our diplomas, seminars and free courses. These programs are designed to provide you with updated and specialized knowledge in various areas of knowledge. Whether you are looking to strengthen your professional skills, enter new fields or simply enrich your academic background, our diploma programs, seminars and free courses are the gateway to continuous learning and quality training. Don't miss the opportunity to keep growing! Explore our offer and choose the program that best suits your needs and goals.

Broaden your academic and professional horizons with our diploma courses, seminars and free courses, enroll now and prepare yourself for a future full of knowledge and success!


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