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For the University of La Guajira it is important to know the opinions, suggestions or proposals, comments and contributions of users, citizens and stakeholders regarding projects, regulations, policies, programs or procedures carried out by our institution before their formulation or decision making.

In order to prioritize problems or issues in accountability, select or evaluate programs, works or investment projects at any time of the public management cycle and to improve procedures and legal provisions.

Check here the rules of the University of La Guajira

The University of La Guajira invites all citizens and the academic community to participate in the formulation, implementation and monitoring of policies, plans, programs, projects or procedures according to the needs of each of its value groups and for institutional management.

For this reason, the institutional planning to be developed in 2022 is submitted for consideration. If you have any observations or comments, please send them to the following e-mail address:

Institutional regulations

Institutional Normogram

Check here the policies of the University of La Guajira
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