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The Social Communication program at the University of La Guajira aims to prepare professionals capable of addressing and solving challenges related to communication in an increasingly digitalized and global world. The curriculum focuses on core competencies and promotes creativity, ethics and social sensitivity to develop experts with skills in reading, writing, interpretation and media analysis.

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Study plan

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Study plan of the social communication program at the University of La Guajira.


Applicant Profile

The applicant to the Social Communication program at the University of La Guajira must be a person with advanced skills in reading and writing, as well as in the use of information and communication technologies. He/she must be curious and have a special interest in exploring the reality that surrounds him/her, to identify problems and look for creative solutions. It is also essential to have social sensitivity, ethical awareness and flexibility to adapt to the learning process. These characteristics allow him/her to analyze complex situations, understand diverse perspectives and contribute to the development of the country.

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Graduate profile

The graduate in Social Communication of the University of La Guajira will be a comprehensive professional and will be able to analyze and interpret the communication needs in various contexts, as well as to design and implement innovative communication plans and projects, create high-impact digital content and lead processes in organizations to promote social change through inclusive communication.

Team of teachers
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Qualified Registration 001227 of February 14, 2024

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The world moves thanks to human communication, which is why the construction of society is based on the way we relate to each other. Those who study Social Communication are agents of change, transformers of the reality in which we live, through their multiple ways of exploring, analyzing and interpreting. Additionally, the study of this discipline provides a solid intellectual formation due to its foundation in sociology, anthropology, psychology and other social and human sciences.


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