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09 Semesters

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Tuition 50 UVT


The Agroecology program offered by the Faculty of Basic and Applied Sciences of the University of La Guajira is based on the sustainable approach to agricultural production, which is based on the knowledge of the ecological basis for the management of agroecosystems. Its purpose is to provide academic and scientific support to the practices that support the holistic perspective in these production systems.

It also seeks to promote high quality basic and applied research, with a comprehensive orientation for professionals who are able to offer technological and scientific services through consulting, advice, labor, as well as the formulation and implementation of projects to solve problems relevant to agricultural and livestock activities, sustainable use and technology transfer, particularly those related to the management and use of drylands, to strengthen the productive sector of the region and the country.

All of this, while maintaining coherence with the corresponding degree, the scientific nature, the undergraduate academic level and the training modality in which it is offered.

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Study plan

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Study plan of the agroecology program at the University of La Guajira.


Applicant Profile

The applicant to the Agroecology program at Uniguajira must be a graduate with motivation in the area of study, with leadership potential, creative, critical thinking, sense of belonging and with a great performance in collaborative work. They must be competitive and encourage the creation of advanced strategies that lead to the improvement of agroecological practices at the national and international level.

Likewise, he/she must meet the following personal and academic characteristics:

  • Basic knowledge in mathematical logic.
  • Oral expression skills.
  • Ability to interpret and write texts.
  • Willingness for autonomous learning.
  • Ease of language learning.
  • Interest in ICT-mediated work (Information and
    Communication Technologies).
  • Predisposition for creativity and scientific knowledge.
  • Facility for social relationships.
  • Sense of responsibility.
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Profile of graduates

The agro-ecologist of the Universidad de La Guajira is a professional who applies a holistic approach to the management of agroecosystems based on universal principles of sustainability, with a solid ecological basis. The interdisciplinary scientific training allows him/her to analyze problems and their solutions in specific contexts, participating in the development of processes that integrate traditional knowledge and technologies applicable to agroecological production, with emphasis on food security in a framework of adaptation to climate change, especially in dry areas. Likewise, the graduate develops his or her work with a vision of leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship.

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Malka Moreno Fernández

Director of the agroecology program

Team of teachers
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Qualified registration resolution No. 001225 of February 14, 2024

Este iframe muestra el brochure del programa de agroecología de la Universidad de La Guajira. Puedes acceder al contenido del brochure utilizando el enlace proporcionado.

The Agroecology program responds to the need for professionals to address the sustainable development needs of the agricultural sector, to support the conversion of these systems, as well as food production within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals. The purpose of the undergraduate program is to strengthen research and its application to agricultural problems, especially at the local level, taking into account regional particularities, such as adaptation to climate change and the fight against drought in areas at high risk of desertification.


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