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Our commitment to integrity and efficient management leads us to establish a rigorous Annual Audit Plan at the University of La Guajira. This plan is an essential roadmap to evaluate and ensure transparency in all operations of our institution.

Through this process, critical areas requiring evaluation are identified, review protocols are established and clear responsibilities are defined. This allows us to conduct internal audits systematically and effectively, ensuring that all operations are conducted in accordance with the highest ethical and legal standards.

Our Annual Audit Plan is a vital tool to maintain the confidence of the university community and society in general in the management of the University of La Guajira. It represents our commitment to accountability, continuous improvement and excellence in the administration of university resources and processes.

Annual Audit Plan 2023
Annual Audit Plan 2022
Annual Audit Plan 2021
Annual Audit Plan 2020
Annual Audit Plan 2019
Annual Audit Plan 2018
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