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The Accountability Reports of the University of La Guajira are crucial documents that reflect our commitment to transparency and accountability to our academic community and society at large. These reports provide a complete and detailed view of how we have used our resources, achieved our objectives and contributed to the development of higher education and the region.

In these reports, we highlight our achievements, challenges and key activities in areas such as teaching, research, extension and administrative management. We also share information on financial resource allocation and strategic decision-making. In addition, we address comments and recommendations from our stakeholders, demonstrating our willingness to listen and improve.

Our university believes that accountability is essential for transparent and effective management. By making these reports available to our community and society, we seek to promote greater understanding, collaboration and trust in the University of La Guajira. We are committed to continuous improvement and strengthening our contribution to the education and development of the region.

Accountability report to the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic

Unfinished or Unused Civil Works Report

Year 2023

MARCH 8224_Certificate_Works_202403

FEBRUARY 8224_Certificate_Works_202402

JANUARY 8224_Certificate_Works_202401

Year 2023

DECEMBER 8224_Certificate_Works_202312

NOVEMBER 8224_Certificate_Works_202311

OCTUBER 8224_Certificate_Works_202310

SEPTEMBER 8224_Certificate_Works_202309

AUGUST 8224_Certificate_Works_202308

JULY 8224_Certificate_Works_202307

JUNE 8224_Certificate_Works_202306

MAY 8224_Certificate_Works_202305

APRIL 8224_Certificate_Works_202304

MARCH 8224__Certificate_Works_202303

FEBRUARY 8224_Certificate_Works_202302

JANUARY 8224_Certificate_Works_202301

Year 2022

DECEMBER. Certificate_8224_20221222_1

NOVEMBER. certificate_8224_20221130_1

OCTUBER. certificate_8224_20221031_1

SEPTEMBER. certificate_8224_20220930_1

JULY. Certificate_8224_20220831_1

AUGUST. certificate_8224_20220731_1

JUNE. certificate_8224_20220630_1

MAY. certificate_8224_20220531_1

APRIL. certificate_8224_20220430_1

MARCH. certificate_8224_20220331_1

FEBRUARY. certificate_8224_20220228_1

JANUARY. certificate_8224_20220131_1

Year 2021

DECEMBER certificate_8224_20211231_1

NOVEMBER certificate_8224_20211130_1

OCTOBER certificate_8224_20211031_1

SEPTEMBER certificate_8224_20210930_1

AUGUST certificate_8224_20210831_1

JULY certificate_8224_20210731_1

JUNE Certificate_8224_20210630_1

MAY Certificate_8224_20210531_1

APRIL Certificate_8224_20210430_1

MARCH Certificate_8224_20210331_1

FEBRUARY Certificate_8224_20210228_1

JANUARY Certificate_8224_20210131_1

Year 2020




Accountability report before the General Comptroller's Office of the Department of La Guajira
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