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The "Reports of Control Bodies of the University of La Guajira" are crucial documents that reflect the collaboration and commitment of our institution with the authorities in charge of supervision and control. These reports are generated in response to the requests and requirements of governmental entities and other control organizations that seek to evaluate the management, operation and regulatory compliance of the university.

These reports detail key aspects related to financial management, compliance with governmental and academic regulations, and any other relevant issues required by control agencies. The University of La Guajira considers accountability and transparency to be essential principles in its operation, and these reports are a fundamental means of demonstrating its integrity and commitment to educational quality and accountability in its teaching and research functions. These documents reflect our willingness to cooperate fully with the control authorities and ensure compliance with regulations, thus contributing to the strengthening of higher education and the development of the region.

Inspection and Surveillance Report - MEN
Reports of the Comptroller General's Office, Guajira Dept
Reports Attorney General's Office of the Nation
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