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University Social Welfare implements policies, programs, services and activities oriented to the academic, intellectual, physical, psycho-affective and spiritual development of the university's strata (students, teachers, administrative staff, general services and graduates), through inclusive intervention strategies in our multiethnic and multicultural context.

Our Mission

To promote the integral formation and the good performance of all the university's strata oriented to the academic, intellectual, physical, psycho-affective, spiritual and social development of its users in order to contribute to the improvement of their quality of life.

Our Vision

University Social Welfare is projected as a unit with excellence in the provision of its services, contributing to comprehensive training from teaching and/or learning processes, through the improvement, expansion and continuous development of support services, academic, socioeconomic, health care, cultural, psychosocial and sports, which will strengthen the mission processes of Teaching, Research and Social Projection.

Our work will always be to foster the integral development of the university community through the support of sports, culture, health, human development, socioeconomic promotion, research and evaluation, and the promotion of successful graduation. Among our objectives are:


Encourage the cultivation of artistic and sports expressions from a competitive, formative and recreational point of view.

To articulate actions, activities and strategies with the different departments and entities, in order to provide a better service and achieve institutional results from inclusive dynamics.

Generate spaces that allow for personal growth of all the members through talks, workshops, counseling and orientation.

Provide the university community and children of employees with financial support and discounts to guarantee their permanence in the institution.

Implement strategies that guarantee the permanence and successful graduation of the student body.

To provide assistance services to the different university strata in order to avoid complications in their physical and psychological state.

Design, socialize and execute an annual action plan to achieve the proposed objectives.

Implement a management and quality assurance plan for welfare services.

University Welfare Regulations

The regulations governing University Social Welfare establish the guidelines and regulations that guide its operation. These regulations are essential to guarantee legality, transparency and quality in the provision of services and programs.

Agreement no. 013

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