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They constitute a set of guidelines and regulations that guide the activities and services aimed at promoting the integral wellbeing of the university community. These policies are focused on ensuring conditions conducive to the academic, emotional and physical development of students, faculty and administrative staff.

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Article 0040

The essential purposes of University Social Welfare are to form and improve personalities, channel feelings, sow and guide social, artistic, cultural, sports and recreational attitudes that adapt the members of the university community to the environment in which they act in order to achieve a more useful and harmonious society.

The policies

The University Social Welfare policies of the University of La Guajira are:
° Integration: The university's social cohesion is achieved by offering social and training programs that allow for adequate levels of institutional identification.
° Dependencies: Especially with human resources and the extension center, among others, we coordinate programs aimed at human development and cultural and social activities that contribute to institutional development.
° Encouragement and Support: Each one of the different departments presents diverse proposals and initiatives that they accept as long as they favor their human growth and that of the Universidad de la Guajira.
° Permanent reevaluation: In order to strengthen them in accordance with institutional needs, existing programs will be subject to permanent reevaluation processes.

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