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Convocatoria de prácticas académicas con opción a grado Defensoría de Familia

Convocatoria de prácticas académicas con opción a grado Defensoría de Familia

El Centro de Prácticas Académicas invita a estudiantes de pregrado a participar en la convocatoria ofertada por la Defensoría de Familia, Riohacha.

El practicantes deben llevar a cabo la siguiente tarea: 

Apoyar en la labor asistencial y de sustanciación dentro de los trámites administrativos y los procesos de restablecimiento de derechos de los NNA”, en virtud del artículo 21 de la Ley 1437 de 2011 (CPACA).

Number of interns required: (01)

Perfil de la vacante:  

Estudiante de Derecho

General Requirements:

Resume in the institutional format of the University of La Guajira GD-F-47. RESUME FORMAT FOR PRACTITIONERS AND INTERNSHIPS, academic certificate, letter of application and presentation authorized by Uniguajira.  

Start date: 15 de abril de 2024

Final date: 15 de abril del 2025

Note:  Short-listed applicants may be called for a test and interview, which is of the competency-based type. Only short-listed candidates will be notified. Applications after the deadline will not be accepted.

Duration: 12 meses

Closing date: 9 de abril de 2024

The interested party must:

1. Enviar sus documentos de postulación hacer click  con copia a 


Hasta el 05 de abril de 2024

2. Each application must include the University of La Guajira resume form with signature and date. Applications with formats other than this one will not be considered. 

3. Applications must mention in the subject line the name and surname of the candidate and the name of the institution to which he/she is applying.

4. For applications in the degree modality, once admitted by the company, the application for the modality must be submitted to the corresponding Faculty Council.

5. Only those selected for interview/testing will be contacted.


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